3 Reasons We Are Thankful on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to share with family and friends (and alas, eat a bit too much turkey and cranberry sauce!). 

But it’s also an opportunity to reflect on things that we are grateful for. At Carolina Digital Phone, we are extremely thankful for our large (and growing!) customer base. On behalf of our entire team, here are the three reasons why our gratitude to customers is higher than ever:

1. Without Our Customers WE DO NOT EXIST!  

This may seem too obvious to point out. But we all know that there are some companies (we won’t mention any names!) that have lost sight of this fundamental truth. Sure, when they first started they went the extra mile to deliver positive customer experience and foster customer loyalty. But now, they don’t feel the need or obligation.

At Carolina Digital Phone, we have never — and will never — lose sight of what has made us very successful, and what drives us forward: making customer appreciation a part of our DNA. We exist to serve our customers, not the other way around!

2.  Our Loyal Customers Help Us Improve

As you might expect, our team is on the cutting edge and always learning about new technologies and innovations. But we don’t just rely on industry experts to increase our knowledge: we also depend on our wonderful customer base to share their experiences and advice. We use this constructive feedback to improve and constantly raise the bar. 

3. Our Satisfied Customers Are Our BEST Source of Marketing and Advertising

We are grateful and honored to be one of the highest-rated and reviewed telecommunications companies, with the highest customer retention rates and customer lifetime values — not just in Greensboro, not just in North Carolina, but in the ENTIRE country. And it should come as no surprise that the vast majority of new customers we welcome on our roster are referrals from loyal, long-time customers. Indeed, there is no substitute for the power and authenticity of word-of-mouth referrals. Here are just a few of our more than 100 5-star reviews (these have been picked from a list of random customers and business owners):  

  • We are proud to be Carolina Digital customers! Their professionalism, speed, accuracy, and willingness to help makes it easy to do business with them. These people go above and beyond any time we need their help. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!
  • Just a note to say; WE LOVE Carolina Digital! No more Vonage Frustrations! Your system has been a blessing! Who smiles when the invoice arrives? WE DO! I would encourage anyone looking for a competent digital phone service to contact Carolina Digital. They have helped our office significantly, simply by being streamlined! Video tutorials are very helpful and great customer service, all the way!
  • Carolina Digital has been amazing from our very first contact almost a year ago. They saved us thousands of dollars on phone service, with a superior product and excellent additional services like their mobile app. On occasion since we implemented their service we’ve needed to contact them, they have been amazing. The best customer service I’ve ever had from a phone or internet provider. We are a tiny customer by comparison to their usual customer size and have never felt small or unimportant when reaching out to them. We could not be any happier with Carolina Digital. They take service to a new level.

The Final Word

Gratitude isn’t just something you say or feel — it is also something that you DEMONSTRATE in your attitudes and actions. At Carolina Digital Phone, we are proud to show how thankful we are to every customer, by offering cutting-edge products and services, which are backed by the industry’s BEST local service!

From our entire team, thank you to all of our customers for making us who we are, and inspiring us to do our very best!

If you are a prospective customer who wants to discover the Carolina Digital Phone difference, then contact us at (336) 544-4000 for your free and friendly consultation and demo.

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