How to Get a Business Telephone Line

how to get business telephone line

One of the most common — and also the most important — questions that we get asked by our (soon-to-be) customers is: “How do we get a VoIP business telephone line from Carolina Digital Phone?”

Below, we highlight at a high-level what the process generally looks like from initial consultation, through to adoption and implementation — ultimately allowing our customers to take the shortest path to value and ROI:

Phase 1: Perform a Needs and Goals Analysis 

We begin by asking our customers what they like — and also what they dislike — about their current landline business telephone line system (or VoIP system if they are not happy with their present Solutions Provider). 

We also identify how many employees will be using the system, whether they will be on-site/hybrid/remote, whether they need to hold conference calls, and other details. A question that we have found to be especially helpful during this initial phase is: “If you had the perfect system, what would it look like?”

Our preference is to perform the needs and goals analysis during a site visit (this can be scheduled during non-business hours, or at a time that presents no/minimal disruption to normal day-to-day business activities). However, we can competently and efficiently ask the right questions and get the best answers through video conferencing or a phone call.

Phase 2: Perform an Infrastructure Analysis

Once we have a clear understanding of what the VoIP business telephone line system needs to look like, the next phase is to perform an infrastructure analysis that looks at network capacity and bandwidth (again, these diagnostics can be performed at a time that has no/minimal impact on day-to-day activities). 

In some cases, we determine that a customer’s existing infrastructure is suitable for supporting the new business telephone line system. In other cases, certain changes may be necessary or advised. For example, our diagnostics may identify that a customer’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) is NOT meeting their commitments regarding bandwidth speed minimums and/or quality (i.e., the bandwidth speed fluctuates). In these situations, we provide our customer with clear, incontrovertible evidence of these issues, which they can use to either demand that their current ISP make improvements or enables them to switch ISPs to one that does not over-promise and under-deliver. 

Phase 3: Recommend and Demonstrate Hardware

Once we validate an alignment between our customers’ business phone line system goals and infrastructure, we recommend and demonstrate hardware devices such as IP phones, conference systems, headsets, and so on. There are a variety of options, which are available at different price points depending on whether the device is basic/entry-level, or more advanced. 

We ONLY recommend vendors and hardware that we know and trust, and that we 100% stand behind. After all, our reputation is also on the line, and we do not cut corners on quality or professionalism. And we have over 20 years of proof to back up this claim!

Phase 4: Scheduling

By this point in the process, together with our customer we have analyzed needs and goals, validated the suitability of the infrastructure (which as noted earlier may/may not require changes), and identified the hardware devices. 

Next, we put together an implementation schedule that either minimizes or (even better) eliminates any disruption for our customers. For instance, our implementation team can put the new VoIP business phone line system in place — and take care of all QA testing. If desired, we can also implement the system in stages over a period of time.   

Phase 5: Implementation 

Our team has extensive experience when it comes to implementation. Nothing takes us by surprise, because we have “been there, done that”! We are punctual, professional, and polite. With laser-like focus and precision, we install, configure, and test all hardware. 

Also as part of the implementation process, we establish extensions for all VoIP business phone line system users. To facilitate this, we ask our customers to provide us with a copy of their current phone bill and extension list (including names and email addresses).

We also take care of porting, which is a process that allows our customers to keep their existing numbers for all of their business lines. We do NOT charge an extra fee for porting.  

Phase 6: Orientation and Training

The final phase is also the one that our customers — and specifically, their employees — really enjoy: learning how to use all of the features in the new VoIP business telephone line system, such as:

  • Auto-Attendant (Multiple Languages)
  • Dial by Name Directory (First or Last)
  • Dial by Extension
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email with Text Transcription
  • iOS & Android Mobile App
  • Team Messaging
  • Business SMS & MMS
  • Video Conferencing
  • Unlimited Online Digital Faxing (HIPAA Compliant)
  • Paging (Handset and Intercom)
  • Call Pick Up (Directed, Group, Site, and Domain) 
  • Call Transfer (Blind, Attended, and Voicemail)

We offer hundreds of features that are INCLUDED with our services. This is in stark contrast to some other vendors, which “tier” their features — which means that customers who want popular features like auto-attendant and voicemail-to-email with text transcription must pay more.

We make learning how to use the new VoIP business telephone line system fast, easy, and FUN! The most common thing we hear from employees is along the lines of: “Hey, this new phone system is so AMAZING — why didn’t we get this sooner!?”

Some Final Thoughts On A Business Telephone Line

It is important to note that our commitment to our customers DOES NOT end after orientation and training. We pride ourselves in providing the industry’s best local service. When our customers buy our VoIP business telephone line service, they don’t just get leading-edge, future-proofed technology that will support their organization for decades. They also get us

All of our team members are employees who are 100% committed to our customer-first approach. And our Engineer and Support group is based in our downtown Greensboro offices. Our customers can reach us 24/7/365 simply by dialing 611 from any of their devices or 336-346-6000. Pricing, technology, expertise, and service — we deliver it ALL to our valued customers, without compromise! 

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