Save Money with a Hosted IP-PBX

reduce telecom expenses

Hosted VoIP is one of the best ways for businesses to have a reliable, quality call system for half the cost of traditional phone lines. Business owners are recognizing the convenience and benefits of having this type of service. When your company is already paying for Internet access, it is easier to integrate a VoIP system with the existing bandwidth.

Here are some of the benefits that can be expected with Hosted VoIP service.

Features of Hosted VoIP

Unlimited Calling to US: With Hosted VoIP, unlimited calling is available to the United States for one low rate. This saves a significant amount of money, which is important for companies without a lot of start-up capital.

Never Ring Busy: Studies show that more than half of people will hang up if they receive an answering machine. Never ring busy ensures that your customers never hear a busy signal. When used in combination with an answering service, your clients are more likely to leave a message.

Unlimited Extensions: This feature allows users to expand with minimal effort. As new employees join the team, extensions can be added.

Professional Auto-Attendant: The auto-attendant messages are available when an answering service is not available. The second best option to having an answering service is to have a professional auto-attendant service.

Advanced Call Routing: Call routing is important to keeping the business flowing. Calls can be routed to a cell phone, home phone or to another office phone. This is just one Hosted VoIP feature that businesses need.

Call Transfers: Call transfers are necessary in a large office. When the calls are received on one central number, the calls can be routed to any number in the office. This prevents yelling in the office or a person to physically deliver messages.

Affordable International Rates: International calls are also more affordable with VoIP. Since there are not any contracts, businesses do not have to spend money when the service is not needed. Hosted telephone service can offer the best rates available.


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