The Market for VoIP Services Expected To Witness Exponential Growth by 2025

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North Carolina, 12th March 2018.

The global market for VoIP services is driven by the contributors of the VoIP industry who have focused intensely on introducing VoIP solutions among both individual and corporate sectors of the consumers. This has resulted in progress in different aspects particularly in cloud-based models and network infrastructures. Open-source and copyrighted platforms are continuously endorsing the inclusion of innovative technologies, which has led consumers to demand for a customized solution in order to minimize the expenditure associated with their communication needs.

According to a study by Future Market Insight (FMI), this tremendous progress in the international VoIP market is a result of the progression of the technologies, which has led to the expansion of advanced networks and increased use of VoIP services over a number of networks. Corporate consumers are swiftly moving to cloud-based VoIP services for the reason that they are cost-effective and bundled service offerings has been proved to be the second primary reason behind this extensive growth. The VoIP market is further being driven by the telecommunication service providers like Carolina Digital Phone, who are persistently broadening their horizons to provide its consumers with VoIP services.

This extensive growth is accredited to the transition of service providers to advance packet switched networks from the outdated circuit-switched networks. The industry has been endorsing a rapid shift to VoIP services utilizing most advanced cellular networks such as 3G, 4G, and LTE, from the outdated telephony services based on CDMA and GSM technologies. There are a few market limitations associated with a lower adoption rate of VoIP services in the consumer of the residential sector. However, with the rise for the need of long distance and international calls, this limitation of low public acceptance is anticipated to diminish until 2025.

In the presence of various players in the market of VoIP services, the industry is witnessing competitiveness at various levels particularly price and forcing service providers to offer bundled services in order to make their services standout. This includes a number of distinctive offerings such as local as well as international calling plans, with value added services such as fax support, conference calling, call transfer, speed dialing, call blocking and emergency service number calling. Carolina Digital Phone offers these solutions at amazingly low rates.