VoIP and Mobility in your Business

VoIP is changing how businesses deal within the company and outside the company and hence has been successful in increasing the mobility in various businesses.

Mobility in business is the ability to support business by working without physically being in the office and from any location at any instant. Such employees use various means like tablets and mobiles to connect to the cloud-based network. Whereas VoIP also called IP telephony and internet telephony is a cloud-based network for managing a large number of phone calls, SMS, and video calls over internet protocol networks.

VoIP technology is currently replacing regular Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and many enterprises now realize the significance of having VoIP network. Moreover, many businesses are moving towards VoIP in order to send calls in the form of data packets over the internet. Where previously a number of companies used Digital Private Branch Exchange (PBX), now used Hosted PBX or Session Initial Protocol (SIP) as VoIP technology. The implementation of VoIP technology has led many companies to the benefits of mobility in their business, which in effect led workers to perform more efficiently than ever before. Because of the fact that VoIP is IP- based it is now widely used as Unified Communications (US).

Leaving behind the regular PSTN phone calls, VoIP increases mobility by giving the margin to the employee to travel wherever and whenever without letting the client know your actual position. Therefore, it gives the benefit of call routing.

VoIP also increases mobility in terms of flexibility. As VoIP technology gives you the advantage of routing calls to not just an extension but a number of extensions which is nearly unachievable in the traditional phone system. Handling two or more clients on the phone has become flexible as one can redirect other calls to other extensions and or to the voicemails. In short, no physical lines are needed in VoIP technology. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to turn your traditional phones into VoIP service thereby inducing more flexibility to your business.

Plus, a better Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) can also be well managed through VoIP technology. As many businesses want to transfer all their communications like online conferences, video conversations and even messages over the internet. Carolina Digital Phone, as a leading VoIP service provider, endeavors to make your VoIP experience better by ensuring reliability and appropriate pricing so you can increase your business’ mobility.

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