VoIP Phone Service for Systems of Government

If you sell goods or services to different levels and systems of government, there is something you should know. The process is very different from typical B2C or B2B selling. Governments follow a strict procurement flow which includes a request for quote (RFQ) and request for proposal (RFP) process. Once a vendor is on the coveted “provider list,” they must continue to meet certain terms and conditions. Among these requirements are transparency and auditing. At Carolina Digital Phone, we are proud to be a trusted provider of VoIP services for government systems. Here are seven reasons why we have earned and maintained this elevated status:

1. Experience

As the old saying goes: there is no substitute for experience! We have over 20 years of experience in VoIP services. We have been around since Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was born. Through the years we have seen many VoIP providers come and go.

2. Reputation

We have built a rock-solid and stellar reputation for expertise, integrity, honesty, reliability, and professionalism. Government agencies partnering with us can rest assured that we do not “over promise and under deliver.” When we say we will do something, we do it. We also maintain FULL transparency in everything we do, including billing. Our records and accounts can withstand total scrutiny at any time. 

3. Expertise

VoIP phone systems are popular among employees due to their user-friendly interface and advanced features. However, the underlying technology and infrastructure are complex and sophisticated. Our in-house experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge in 99% of cases. In the rare 0.1% of cases, we are skilled in efficiently and effectively finding the necessary information, answers, and resources.

4. Reliability

We have always “over-engineered” our VoIP solution for high-traffic demands. Doing this ensures that quality does not degrade during peak demand periods. We also maintain not one, not two, but THREE 1GB fiber synchronous connections with full Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing. Our three carrier-class data centers are located in downtown Greensboro, NC, Research Triangle Park, NC (a.k.a. North Carolina’s MCNC.ORG), and the Equinix Data Center in Dallas, Texas.

5. Disaster Recovery

We equipped our VoIP system with many features to ensure dependability. It stays up and running by design. This includes power outages caused by natural calamities or any other emergency. The system can redirect incoming calls to any device, be it a mobile or traditional phone. In case of a broadband internet connection failure, the system can seamlessly switch to a cellular network for uninterrupted service.

6. Security

Security is a top-of-mind concern for all organizations — but especially government agencies. Our top-rated VoIP phone solution runs on a private and highly secure data network. This network is protected by end-to-end encryption mechanisms (e.g. Transport Layer Security/TLS and Secure RTP for transmitting media). Unlike some other VoIP providers, we maintain strict security measures and are compliant with FCC rules and regulations. One of the most important measures is STIR/SHAKEN – combatting Spam and robocalls.  

7. Communication

Last but certainly not least: we do not “hide behind” technology. Unlike other VoIP providers, we do not put up barriers and obstacles that make it difficult and tedious to reach us. On the contrary, we proactively engage our customers. We are not just interested in meeting the terms and conditions of a contract. We are focused on ensuring that our customers are getting the best value, user experience, performance, and results possible.

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