Advantages of VoIP Hosted Phone System

Small businesses are continuously devising strategies to gain an edge over their competitors. Technology has taken leaps and bounds in recent times, making things easier and delivering results to people quicker. A cloud hosted phone system has a lot of benefits compared to the traditional hard line phone system.

The most obvious advantage of a cloud hosted phone system is the equipment is easier to install and costs much less. With the help of your provider you will choose the plan that fits your company best in order to bring down your monthly phone charges to an amazing new low cost. The transition from the traditional hard line phone system to a cloud hosted system is very easy. It is also simple to keep your addresses and phone numbers making them easily accessible when you need them.

With the cloud phone system you can enjoy a multitude of new calling features that will make your work easier and helps you plan your day more efficiently. Features such as personal extensions can be implemented so customers can reach the respective department they need and talk with a specific person.

In a corporate office that receives hundreds of calls a day, you can opt to have an auto attendant and voice mailing systems. This feature helps to streamline calls and connect them to the correct department without having someone answering each and every call. You can ask your provider to create a directory where the customer can choose a number and connect to a specific department, call queue, or personal extension.

There are plenty of tools to filter out unnecessary calls that will allow your employees to prioritize the calls and attend to them accordingly. Some of those tools are preference based calling, voicemail, call log maintenance service and click to call dialing.

For those businesses that operate on the go there is a mobile application your employees can download on their personal device to field calls on the go. If your employee needs to dial out while not at their desk the mobile app will show their office number as the number calling and not their personal cell phone number. A unique feature is the option to have the mobile app and desk phone ring simultaneously so when someone is trying to get in touch with your employee, their desk phone and mobile phone would both ring until one is answered. Another unique feature is the ability for employees to customize their voicemail. You can also have music and greetings that can be added and played for as long as you want. Ease and efficiency of communication with your customers increases because of these unique features. 

It makes it easier to impress customers and business partners and build a solid reputation. Furthermore, quick communication with the suppliers and vendors translates to quicker delivery of goods. This means that productivity would increase helping your business to flourish. With considering the cost of setting up a cloud hosted business phone system you have so little to lose and so much to gain.

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