How Secure is Your Company’s Communication Strategy Right Now?

cloud based security

Let’s face it, COVID-19 has changed our daily routine a lot, this includes our communications strategy. We have adapted rapidly and generally with good results. Cloud-based communications have become an integral part of how we do business. While switching to a work from home setup brings many challenges, like finding a suitable workspace and juggling home-schooled kids and pets, one area we tend to ignore is security.

The proliferation of phishing schemes and Zoombombing has increased seemingly overnight. For companies both large and small, learning how to implement security needs to be a primary concern for companies needing to change remote work scenarios. This is why it’s important to secure your company’s communication strategy.

Online Meeting Security

Whether it’s kids with too much time on their hands or sinister hackers trying to steal contacts or sensitive information, there are some video platforms that are not nearly as secure as we might like to think. Whether it’s a multi-national board meeting or a PTA meeting, adding multi-factor verification to online video conferencing is one step in safeguarding the security of online calls.

How Safe if Cloud-Based Phone Service?

Compared to traditional emails, text, and other forms of internet communication, cloud-based telephone calls do not have a set starting point until the call starts. This creates a flexible communications strategy. Once the call is terminated, that beginning point goes away. Emails, on the other hand, are saved for long periods of time and are easily indexed, making it easy to search through conversation history, if hackers breach the system. As a result, cloud-based calls are actually more secure than email.

When using cloud-based calling, (often referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol or “VoIP”), there are additional security measures you can use. For one, using strong passwords and multi-step verification. This is crucial for those using a softphone app on personal cell phones. VoIP providers may also provide additional encryption to keep communications secure. Using company-wide call caps helps identify unusual activity in case of a security breach.

What’s So Great About Cloud-Based Phone Service For A Communication Strategy?

For starters, costs are generally much lower than traditional business phone systems making it an affordable communication strategy. Additionally, cloud-based telephone service is very flexible and can easily be scaled to meet your business needs quickly. With over 150 included features, you can tailor your call routing and user experience to fit your needs.

Cloud-based calls can be anonymized, keeping the identity of callers secure. Because Carolina Digital Phone provides geo-redundant data centers to safely store all data, downtime is not a concern. With the mass movement to a work-from-home model, cloud-based telephone service provides an incredible amount of flexibility while in addition to numerous security features resulting in a very secure and affordable communication platform.

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