10 Reasons Why VoIP is the BEST Multi-Location Phone System for Your Business

man using a multi-location phone system

If you are planning on adding locations now or in the future, then here are 10 reasons why VoIP is — by far — the BEST multi-location phone system for your business.

Getting The Best Multi-Location Phone System

  1. You’ll dramatically reduce your telecommunications costs. There is no expensive on-site phone system to purchase and maintain, and domestic long-distance calls are always free.  

  1. Your phone bill will be predictable. No more fluctuating from one month to the next, which helps you with budget management and financial forecasting. 

  1. You can connect multiple locations on a single, centralized system. Yet at the same time, each location can have a local number. For example, a location in Greensboro can have a (336) area code. Then, another location in Raleigh can have a (919) area code.

  1. If you change locations, then you never have to deal with the hassle and expense of having the phone company reconfigure your system. This could even involve digging and installing new lines. You simply unplug your phones from your old location, plug them into your new location, and you’re good to go. And best of all: your phone numbers stay the same!

  1. Everyone on your team — regardless of their location — will get enterprise-grade calling features that increase productivity, collaboration, and customer experience. These features include (but aren’t limited to) auto attendant, voicemail-to-email, live call transfer, and much more. 

More Reasons To Switch!

  1. What happens if you want to add more locations down the road? No problem! With VoIP as your multi-location phone system, you simply purchase additional — and very affordable — user licenses as you scale up and grow. Your investment is 100% future-proofed

  1. Implementing a VoIP multi-location phone system is fast and easy. You do not need permission from your property manager. There is no need to run wires/cables through walls and ceilings. The entire system runs on the one that your business already uses to access the internet. 

  1. If your employees are away from their desk (or away from the counter) they will never miss an important call. They can access the phone system through a smartphone app. And when they make outgoing calls, the business name/number will appear on the other party’s Caller ID.

  1. A VoIP multi-location phone system uses a cloud-based geographically dispersed infrastructure. As such, if the local power goes out — which is happening more often across the country — your employees can continue making/receiving calls on their smartphones. Should an outage strike, easily transfer your calls to areas not impacted.

  1. If anyone in your business runs into a technical challenge, then your IT staff doesn’t have to spend their time — and your money — addressing the issue. All technical support is handled by the vendor. This also includes ongoing updates and upgrades.   

The Bottom Line Of A Multi-Location Phone System

As you expand your business, the last thing you want is for your phone system to hold you back and undermine your success. With VoIP as your multi-location phone system, your business will be empowered to thrive and grow — now and for years to come! 

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