5 Reasons Why Carolina Digital Phone Delivers the Best Phone System for Schools

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Your school (or school district) has decided to upgrade from a costly and inflexible landline phone system to an agile, feature-rich, affordable, and future-proofed VoIP phone system. Smart move. Or, as your students might say: “it’s a no-brainer!”

Now, you need to carefully choose a vendor that is going to make your experience straightforward, safe, and successful. From initial implementation to ongoing support. Well, here is another no-brainer: that vendor is Carolina Digital Phone! Here are 5 reasons why we deliver the best phone system for schools:

1. We have in-depth experience serving schools.

Unlike most other vendors, we deeply understand that the issues, challenges, obstacles, and opportunities that schools face are NOT THE SAME as private sector businesses. From the way that new technology is procured to the manner in which end users are trained and supported. 

When superintendents, principals, IT directors, administrators, teachers, and other school stakeholders connect with us, they instantly see that we “speak the same language”. We understand their unique needs, challenges, and goals. Our in-depth experience is the cornerstone of why we offer the best phone system for schools.

2. We offer the industry’s best local support.

When schools run into challenges with their technology, they cannot “go off the grid.”. Not only would this trigger operational chaos, but even more importantly it would represent an unacceptable security and safety risk. To echo the rallying cry from the 1990s movie Apollo 11: “failure is not an option!”. 

At Carolina Digital Phone, we fully understand and embrace this requirement. Our experienced Support Team can be on-site within hours (and potentially within minutes) to resolve any issue. And when we say “any issue” we are not exaggerating. We understand the technology inside and out. Nothing takes us by surprise, and there is no problem that we cannot efficiently solve. The best phone system for schools is backed by the industry’s best local support!  

3. We empower schools with a full range of features.

Another key reason we offer the best phone system for schools is features, features, and yet more features. Here is just a brief snapshot of the powerful, yet easy-to-use features in our all-in-one VoIP phone system for schools:

  • Auto-attendant, which instantly greets callers with a customized pre-recorded message, and enables them to self-direct their call to the appropriate department or individual. This is ideal for providing parents and students with updates on school closures due to weather, etc.
  • SMS alerts (a.k.a. text messages), can be used in a variety of ways. These vary from keeping parents/teachers/staff/students updated during emergencies, reminding parents of upcoming interviews, promoting school events and fundraising, keeping students safe and organized during field trips, and improving internal communications.
  • IP paging, which lets staff broadcast messages to specific individuals (e.g. all math faculty) or specific areas (the cafeteria). Plus, messages can be made live or pre-recorded to broadcast on specific times/days.
  • Video conferencing, enables staff to connect face-to-face from any location simply by clicking a link. There is nothing to download and install. This is great news for school district IT staff that constantly warn (and warn, and warn!) staff about the dangers of downloading malware, viruses, and ransomware.   
  • Mobile apps that enable staff to keep communication at their fingertips at all times and be reachable to teachers, administrators, and parents. These solutions work whether they travel between one school or 100. 

4. Our phone system is extremely reliable.

Schools can safely and securely rely on our all-in-one VoIP phone system at all times — including in emergency situations. This is because you can easily turn any smartphone into your VoIP device. This helps you to stay connected in an emergency.

In addition, we implement multiple information security technologies to safeguard data at rest and in transit. Our system runs on private and highly secure LAN data networks that are protected by end-to-end encryption mechanisms. This includes Transport Layer Security/TLS, Secure RTP for transmitting media, robust password protection for managed routers, and secure web-based dashboard access. We also provide 24/7 monitoring to proactively detect unusual or suspicious activity. Additionally, we utilize a comprehensive Telecommunications Fraud Management System that conforms to STIR/SHAKEN standards. The best phone system for schools is also the most reliable, safe, and secure

5. Our phone system is affordable.

There are a lot of budget-based decisions that schools must make. Many school districts across the country are facing funding shortfalls that are forcing them to do more with less. Our system is affordable, which means that schools do not have to settle for less functionality. 

What’s more, our system allows you to “future-proof” your district. This means that you won’t have to replace your system every couple of years. Instead, we are constantly upgrading your system with the latest technologies and innovations. This is not the case with a conventional landline phone system. Having to replace your solutions every 3-5 years could easily cost your school district hundreds of thousands of dollars.

 Discover Why We Offer the Best Phone System for Schools!  

At Carolina Digital Phone, we proudly offer the best phone system for schools. Just ask the many school districts and private academies throughout North Carolina and the Southeast who trust and recommend us such as Bertie County Schools, Graham County Schools, Moore County Schools, Yadkin County Schools, Tandem Friends Schools, Noble Academy, and several others.

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