Is Your Business Hot-Desking? Then You Need a Cloud Phone System

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As we emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown, millions of people are preparing to return to the corporate office (and many have already started the migration). However, we are likely to see a significant shift in the workplace landscape: the popularity of hot desking.

What is Hot-Desking?

Hot desking refers to a layout in which employees don’t have assigned workstations or offices. Instead, when they’re in the corporate environment (as opposed to their home office), they simply sit at any available desk and start working. It’s similar to hotel business centers or shared workspaces like WeWork, Impact Hub, etc.

Post-Conavirus Hot-Desking

Before the pandemic, hot-desking was viewed as efficient, cost-effective, and convenient. These benefits still apply, but now there is another critical advantage: safety. Businesses can add space and/or install plexiglass barriers between desks, to maintain social distancing. Without hot-desking, making these layout changes would be extremely costly, and in some cases may not even be physically possible due to overall space restrictions, and a limited number of landline phone jacks.

Why a Cloud Phone System is a Must for Hot-Desking

With a cloud phone system, hot-desking employees simply log into a shared desk phone and immediately have full access to their important information, such as voicemails, personal extensions, call history, and so on. This is because their unique profile and settings are associated with their specific account — not to a specific phone or location. This makes it ideal for both exclusively and occasionally hot-desking employees (the latter of which work part of the time in a home office or are out in the field).

Live Call Transfer

Also, a cloud phone system supports live call transfer, which allows hot desking employees to seamlessly transfer calls from one device to another. For example, a sales rep can answer a call at their (hot) desk, seamlessly transfer the call to their mobile device as they exit the building and walk to the parking lot, and then seamlessly transfer the call again to their car’s Bluetooth system. This is much more efficient and customer-friendly than being forced to prematurely end the conversation.

Learn More

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