Getting a Free Internet Phone Number for Your Business? Watch Out! 

We all love getting free stuff. From extra perks and upgrades at hotels to having your friendly mechanic throw in some extras because, well, it’s just a nice thing to do. 

Yet, there are times when things that appear to be “free” and are advertised as such, are riddled with problems and risks. And if you’re thinking of getting a free Internet phone number for your business from a service like Google Voice, then you definitely want to heed this warning.

Here are the five reasons why a (so-called) free internet phone number for your business is actually a costly liability instead of a welcome bonus:

1. You’re Absolutely Going to Have Quality Problems

An internet phone uses the same network that your business uses to access the web, stream videos, and transmit files. Well, guess what will happen when your employees attempt to carry out these typical day-to-day tasks at the same time? Your VoIP phone is going to take a “back seat” and as a result call quality will plunge. This means echo, jitter, lag, dropped calls, and endless refrains of “Can you hear me?”

The root problem is that companies like Google that provide free Internet phone numbers are definitely NOT going to evaluate your current Internet connection and network configuration and optimize it so that it maintains suitably high calling quality. After all, it’s free. You get what you pay for…and what you don’t!

Eventually, your employees — and your customers, suppliers, and everyone else you try and communicate with — will get so frustrated with the awful quality, that you’ll be forced to upgrade your infrastructure. 

Alternatively, if you had worked with a reputable Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system vendor, they would have evaluated your infrastructure BEFORE the system was operational and advised you on making smart, strategic, and cost-effective changes to optimize bandwidth. Save yourself the hassle and the extra money and use a reputable VoIP provider from the start. 

2. Support is Non-Existent

Have you ever done a favor for a friend, and then they start asking for extra help — and pretty soon, you’re avoiding their calls and regretting having helped them in the first place?

Well, that’s how companies that provide free Internet phone numbers view YOU. They see you as the “annoying friend.” That’s why support is non-existent. If you’re lucky, you MIGHT find some information online that helps you solve a problem. But in most cases, you’re going to be out of luck. And you can forget about “complaining” about this to the company, because as far as they’re concerned you’re getting a free internet phone number. They don’t owe you ANY support.

Now, compare this to working with a reputable provider of VoIP services, who will support you before, during, and after implementing your system. Have a question or need advice? They are just a call, text, email, or (if you’re nearby) in-person visit away. 

And make no mistake: you WILL need support sooner or later. If you go with a free internet phone number from Google Voice (or any other company playing this game),  you’ll discover the real “price” you’re paying — and you won’t like it.

3. Need a Toll-Free Number? Forget About It!

A toll-free number expands your footprint outside your physical location. If you are a small or mid-sized business, this can also make you “look bigger” — which is important if you are competing with larger enterprises.

Most free internet phone numbers, including Google Voice, do NOT allow you to get a toll-free number. And is this really a big surprise? Free numbers offerings are not intended for business use, and this is yet more proof.

As a result, you are missing out on a great opportunity to look and sound more professional — and it’s likely costing you, your customers, and your clients.

Now, contrast this to a reputable VoIP provider that will help you find the perfect toll-free number for your business. Not only will they be able to offer you options, but they’ll also provide guidance on how to choose the best one(s) for your particular business and needs.

4. Want Ring-Groups? Forget About It Again!

Ring groups (a.k.a. hunt groups) enable multiple phones to ring at the same time. This increases the chance of an incoming call being answered vs. going to voicemail. For example, sales reps can have the office desk phone and their cell phone ring simultaneously. 

Google Voice does indeed offer this feature. But contrary to what you may have been led to believe, this is NOT free. You’ll have to fork out around $20 per month PER USER. 

For LESS than that, you could have a state-of-the-art VoIP phone system that offers features like auto attendant, voicemail-to-text, live call transfer, apps for mobile devices, and much more. 

And speaking of auto attendant: Be warned that Google Voice does NOT allow you to create an auto-response that lets callers know when you’re unavailable. If you want this (very fundamental and frankly mandatory) feature, then you’ll have to upgrade and pay.  

5.  Need to Port In a Number? Get Your Credit Card Out! 

Porting is when an existing number from a traditional landline or mobile phone is reassigned (i.e., “ported”) to a new carrier. Google Voice supports porting. But if you read the fine print, you will see that they charge a porting fee of $20 per mobile number. 

Now, does it actually cost them $20 to port numbers? No. It’s almost entirely automated, and it might literally cost them 10 cents. But they charge $20, and that’s what you have to pay — take it or leave it. 

At Carolina Digital Phone, we have NEVER charged our customers to port their numbers from their old carrier to us. We believe in building lasting, loyal relationships. Such relationships are built on delivering more value  — not on dinging customers with excessive and unjustifiable fees.

The Final Word on Getting a Free Internet Phone for Your Business

We all love free things. But sometimes, there are plenty of limitations built into what is advertised as free. And the only way we get what we expect and need is by opening our wallets big time. Pretty soon, free turns into frustrating. 

For many businesses, getting a free internet phone number is regrettable instead of rewarding. Sooner or later (and it’s usually sooner), they end up turning to reputable VoIP providers who offer an affordable all-in-one system with advanced features, video conferencing, a mobile app for iOS/Android, unlimited calling nationwide, and more. We will also thoroughly evaluate your network infrastructure to ensure that you have a fast and stable internet connection.

And remember: we will gladly port all of your numbers over to our system, and we do NOT charge a fee of any kind for this value-added service (note: your phone number provider may charge a fee, but we certainly do not). 

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