On today’s agile business landscape, the importance of a scalable systems cannot be underestimated. It is not a question of whether your organization will need to respond to change, but a matter of when, how fast, and to what extent.

First, the Bad News…

Despite this reality that is faced by organizations of all sizes and across all sectors — business, education, government and non-profit — conventional landline phone systems are anti-scalable. Adding new lines is costly, time consuming, tedious and risky.  

Now, the GOOD News!

The good news is that your organization can go from anti-scalable to seamless scalability by making the switch from a limited conventional phone system, to a state-of-the-art hosted VoIP phone system from Carolina Digital Phone. Here are the key reasons why:

Pay As You Grow Model

The Carolina Digital Phone cloud-based, hosted VoIP phone system is built on a “pay as you grow” model that lets your organization add new lines, services and carrier-grade calling features as you expand — whether your growth experience is slow or rapid.  

The pay as you grow model is also ideal if you have seasonal hiring spikes. All of your temporary hires can be given their own number/extension and private voicemail box, which helps them be productive and efficient from day one. 

Rapidly Expand into New Locations

With a conventional phone system, expanding into new locations means waiting for the phone company to add new lines — which is inconvenient and can be excessively costly.

However, with a hosted VoIP phone system from Carolina Digital Phone, your organization can rapidly and easily expand into new locations by simply adding extensions to your existing system. There are no physical lines (i.e. old fashioned copper wires) to install, or an on-premise PBX to configure.  

What’s more, your relocating employees do not have to wait for a technician to get them setup in their new environment. They simply plug in their IP phone or log into their softphone (through their desktop computer or laptop), and they are immediately back on the system and good to go. They do not have to change their number, or any other aspect of their profile (e.g. customized auto-attendant greetings, voicemail details, etc.).

At the same time, if your organization is undergoing a wholesale move from one location to another, then you do not have to worry about being inaccessible to customers as you transition from your old address to your new one. During the move, your team can make and receive calls through their smartphone, or temporarily route calls to any other number (e.g. home office landline, off-site call center, etc.).

Scaling Down is as Seamless as Scaling Up

While scalability is typically part of a growth and expansion plan, there are scenarios where your organization may want to scale in the other direction by getting smaller and leaner. For example, it might make sense to wind down or eliminate certain product/service lines, or to outsource certain pieces of your operational puzzle to third party vendors and strategic partners.

With a conventional phone system, if your organization scales down then you will almost certainly be saddled with “too much system,” since you must keep paying to access and maintain lines that you do not need and cannot use.

However, this is not a risk with a hosted VoIP phone system from Carolina Digital Phone. Scaling down is as seamless and straightforward as scaling up, and simply involves letting seat licenses expire instead of renewing them. You are in full control of your capacity and costs, which is how it should be!

The Bottom Line

Scalability is essential for success, and in the long run, it is critical for survival. A conventional phone system is anti-scalable. But a hosted VoIP phone system from Carolina Digital Phone supports seamless scalability and turns the inevitable change your organization will face from a costly threat into a profitable opportunity.  

To learn more about reaping the rewards of seamless scalability in your organization, contact the Carolina Digital Phone team today (336) 544-4000. We are a recognized leader in the hosted VoIP phone industry with decades of proven experience, and a large roster of satisfied customers.  Your consultation is FREE.

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