How VoIP Helps You Solve 3 Global Communication Issues

Below, we look at three major global communication issues and how you can address these common challenges with an all-in-one phone system from Carolina Digital Phone:

 Remote Workers Feel Isolated and Disconnected

The pandemic thrust remote working from the sidelines into the mainstream. And even though millions of people have returned to the office full-time, many companies continue to deploy a remote or (especially) hybrid workforce. 

The good news is that this can be a win-win for workers and employers. However, a remote work situation must be designed and managed correctly. But the bad news is that many workers — including those who love working from a home office — acknowledge that the experience can be somewhat isolating. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, 52% of remote workers said they feel disengaged and disconnected from their in-office colleagues.

A VoIP phone system from Carolina Digital Phone brings all workers — remote/hybrid and 100% in-office — onto a single, shared, and centralized telecommunications platform. This creates a real sense and feeling of cohesion and teamwork. In addition, employees can stay connected through video conferencing and text messaging. The result is good for promoting a positive and inclusive work culture as well as enhancing internal communications and collaboration by closing major communication gaps.

Maintaining Multiple On-Premise PBX Phone Systems in Different Areas Increases Risk and Cost

One of the biggest global communication issues facing businesses when they expand — not just globally, but nationally, regionally, and even locally — is that trying to maintain multiple on-premise PBX phone systems is difficult, costly, risky, and often frustrating.

This is because each system has its own infrastructure (hardware and software), and getting different systems to “work and play well” with each other can be a nightmare. The same goes for IT staff who have dealt with this before, and hope to never deal with it again!

A VoIP phone system from Carolina Digital Phone eliminates this problem. Regardless of whether you have two locations or 22, they will all utilize the same centralized, cloud-based phone system. There is no on-site PBX phone system to install, maintain, and make IT staff wish they chose a different career path! 

Plus — and just as importantly — there is a need to juggle multiple phone system vendors, each with their own pricing, terms, and conditions. 

Difficulty Delivering Customer Experience with a “Personal” Feel

Cultural differences, diverse communication styles, various cultural backgrounds, and other factors can make it difficult for businesses to successfully expand into new markets. Some customers will simply not engage with a business that is (or appears to be) outside their local area.

With a VoIP phone system from Carolina Digital Phone, you can affordably get local numbers (as well as toll-free numbers). These local numbers help your current and future customers feel more confident and comfortable in choosing you vs. the competition. 

In addition, you can configure time-of-day or day-of-week routing to forward calls to a call center, mobile device, or any other number. You can also use text messaging to enhance effective communication with customers. This approach also helps overcome communication challenges that might be harder to resolve through live phone calls (e.g., language barriers, etc.). 

The Final Word

If your business has a global footprint — or has aspirations of expanding in the future — then a VoIP phone system from Carolina Digital Phone should be a central component of your comprehensive communication strategy. Our solution will help you address some of your biggest communication challenges, and take your expanding business to the next level! 

Contact Carolina Digital Phone today and schedule your free consultation and demo of our affordable, scaleable, future-proofed, and feature-rich VoIP phone system. Discover how we will turn your communication difficulties into competitive advantages! Call us now at (336) 544-4000.