Our New Year’s Resolutions for 2024

Carolina Digital Phone is proud to be one of the oldest VoIP business phone system companies in North Carolina. And as we get set for our 23rd year in the telecommunications industry — and ALL of those years with the SAME LOCAL OWNERSHIP — here are our New Year’s Resolution ideas for 2024:

  1. We resolve to continue offering the industry’s BEST LOCAL SERVICE. Unlike many other VoIP business phone system companies, we do not outsource our service. All our experts are local, full-time employees who have been on the team for years and continue building strong relationships with our customers.
  2. We resolve to continue being extremely responsive to our customers, typically responding to communications within minutes. We staff our 24-hour support desk – it is NOT AUTOMATED. This is important when your business needs “round-the-clock” support. There is nothing worse than calling customer support after business hours and ending up in voicemail. Worse yet, your email, text, or form is not looked at until the next business day (or perhaps even later than that!).
  3. We resolve to continue “over-engineering” our system and infrastructure for high traffic demands, which means that quality does not drop during times of peak demand. Currently, we have three 1GB fiber synchronous connections with full Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing for home and business customers. In addition, we have three carrier-class data centers located in downtown Greensboro, NC, Research Triangle Park, NC (known as North Carolina’s MCNC.ORG), and the Equinix Data Center in Dallas, Texas.
  4. We resolve to continue SAVING OUR CUSTOMERS MONEY in many surprising ways. Unlike many other VoIP business phone system vendors, we do not charge state sales tax on our service (only hardware/equipment), because this is not required by law. In addition, we do not charge a range of other optional — or in some cases bogus — extra fees. Simply put, we help our customers save extra money! For a full list of digital service fees in 2024 (and beyond) we continue NOT charging, click here.
  5. We resolve to continue safeguarding our customers from risks and threats. Our system runs on a private and highly secure data network. That system is protected by end-to-end encryption mechanisms (e.g. Transport Layer Security/TLS and Secure RTP for transmitting media). We also maintain strict security measures and are compliant with FCC rules and regulations. Unlike some VoIP providers, this includes compliance with STIR/SHAKEN standards to thwart ID spoofing and combat spam and robocalls.
  6. We resolve to keep our prices extremely low and affordable. For instance, our pricing for basic phone plans, and more advanced plans are very attractively priced. We know that today’s businesses need to “do more with less” and achieve various spending and financial goals, and we are part of that strategy and solutions!
  7. Last but certainly not least: we resolve to continue giving back to our community. We resolve to invest in people and organizations that are doing remarkable, often life-changing work. Our efforts in the community earned us The Community Contributor Small Business Award from the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to continuing this legacy of investing in our local economy and giving back to the community.

We Don’t Just Make Promises — We Keep Them!

Only 9% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions complete them. And 23% quit by the first week of January! This includes fitness goals, getting rid of bad habits, leading a more balanced life, and more empty promises. At Carolina Digital Phone, there should be no doubt that we will achieve ALL of our 2024 resolutions because doing the right things in the right way — and delighting our customers — is in our DNA. That doesn’t change from year to year!

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