To dramatically lower costs and take advantage of advanced Unified Calling features (e.g. instant messaging, paging, call screening, etc.), a hosted cloud phone system shares the same network infrastructure that is used for connecting to the internet, browsing the web, sending and receiving emails, transmitting files, and so on.As a result of this integration, if the power goes out — such as during a storm — then provided that you have back-up power supplies, you can continue using the hosted cloud phone system. This is because a hosted cloud phone system uses a geographically dispersed cloud-based infrastructure.In simpler terms: if...

Unlike a conventional phone system that requires a separate voice network, a hosted cloud phone system uses your business’s existing data network — i.e. the one that your team uses for emails, transferring files, connecting to the web, and so on. By eliminating the need for a voice network, you not only significantly reduce CapEx and maintenance costs, but you also unleash Unified Communications (UC) features such as video conferencing, instant messaging, call screening, integration with CRMs and ERPs, etc.Avoiding Traffic Jams Of course, to make all of this work and to reap the full benefits, you need sufficient bandwidth. Think...


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