Why North State’s Merger with Segra is Great News for Shareholders — but Probably Awful News for Workers and Customers On December 9th, High Point, NC-based North State Telecommunications Corp. announced that it has agreed to merge with a subsidiary of MTN Infrastructure TopCo, Inc., which together with its other subsidiaries does business as Segra. This seems to be a classic case of a small, family-owned business selling to a much larger enterprise. As usual, there is a financial story, a worker story, and a customer story. The Financial Story: “We’re in the Money!” Charlotte, NC-based Segra has agreed to pay $80 in...

Most small businesses are looking for ways to save money or reduce costs. Even those that are doing well, are keen to spend money wisely and never want to spend more than they need to. One significant expense that you might wonder if you could do without is your office phone system. A PBX phone system, on average, will cost between $800 and $1000 per user. These are the most popular choice for businesses that have over 40 employees, with different departments and offices, which need multiple lines and the ability to direct calls accordingly.A key system is often used...


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