Motivational and self-help guru Brian Tracy has said that to succeed, it is necessary to “be clear about your goal, but flexible about the process of achieving it”. Indeed, these wise words are as applicable to organizations as they are to individuals. This is more true than ever in today’s business landscape where a flexible workplace is not just a profitable competitive advantage, but a basic requirement for long-term survival.   Below, we highlight three essential tools for a flexible workplace that every organization needs to thrive instead of struggle:  Cloud Phone Systems for a Flexible Workplace A cloud phone system — also known...

Deciding to make the switch from a conventional phone system to a cloud (a.k.a. VoIP) phone system is a smart move when you consider all of the advantages, which include: Significant initial and year-over-year cost savings. A wide range of enterprise-grade Unified Calling (UC) features such as voicemail-to-email, auto attendant, live call transfer, and more.Seamless scalability.No maintenance, update and upgrade costs.No technical support costs.Reliability and uptime (if the power goes out locally, the system will automatically shift to another area of the state/country where power is operational). The freedom to provide employees with a softphone or a deskphone (or both). Below, we...

Greensboro, NC -- Carolina Digital Phone, a knowledgeable local leader in a cloud-based communications industry, continues to innovate with the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN technology to battle robocalls. In an effort to restore integrity in the United States public telephone system, the FCC is helping us fight against robocalls through a new set of rules and regulations: STIR/SHAKEN. Simply put, the new regulations help service providers verify whether the number the displayed on the Caller ID is accurate. Helping the callee trust that the call is not a spoofed call. A recent report from Truecaller reveals phone scams cost Americans over $10 billion...


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