Bertie County Schools has recently installed a new and improved voice communications system in all of the schools in the school district.  This is great news for our community because it provides a safe environment for our children and it did not cost the district or the local taxpayers a dime – in fact, it is saving local taxpayers over the previous system. The new system, provided by Converged Networks, LLC and Carolina Digital Phone is a “Hosted VoIP” system.  “VoIP” stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol” and it uses the existing school data network and the Internet to carry voice...

Over the past few years there have been numerous online discussions and articles on the subject of “cost” and “price/performance” of the Hosted PBX. Today these discussions are sounding more and more like outdated statements of the obvious. Yes, it is obvious that Hosted PBX is far more feature rich and cost effective than traditional PBX or outdated Centrex services, but that isn’t the point. Appropriately chosen communication technology very directly impact ways and speed with which business is being conducted, more important than ever in the current economic climate. For most businesses, however, communications does not fall into realm of...


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