The rewards of some business investments are difficult to nail down. They sound like pretty good ideas in theory, but do they really translate into greater efficiency, more competitive advantage, high customer satisfaction, and a healthier bottom-line? Who really knows.Then there are business investments that don’t need a hype machine or spin doctor to convince anyone because the benefits are straightforward, easy to understand, and as down-to-earth as it gets. A cloud business phone system is definitely in this category.Here are the 5 most important — and proven — benefits of a cloud business phone system:Substantial Year-Over-Year Cost SavingsMany businesses...

In the past, business agility was primarily viewed as a project management methodology in the software space (e.g. “agile development”). The essential idea that instead of working in a structured way towards a clearly defined objective or outcome, teams would collaborate, self-organize, iterate and adapt to meet emerging needs and developments.However, these days business agility is not just a project management methodology. It is a paradigm and an approach to all kinds of work, because being flexible and adapting to change is not just important for success, but it is critical for survival. And that is where a hosted cloud...

It is an all-too-familiar situation: businesses make a major investment in a new phone system, only to discover a few years later that it is obsolete, or is heading fast in that direction.As a result, businesses must choose between two very undesirable options: they either settle for an outdated phone system that cannot support their needs, or they spend tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new system — and run the risk of repeating the cycle all over again in a few years.Fortunately, there is a practical and proven way to solve this common and very costly...


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