The legendary journalist Harry Reasoner once said that “statistics are to baseball what flaky crust is to Mom’s apple pie.”While this is certainly true (and a slice of Mom’s flaky apple pie would be delightful right about now), there is another discussion where statistics are also a major part of the story: the one that shows, beyond any doubt, that hosted cloud is flat-out booming.And so, we invite you to grab some pie, pour some coffee, and allow us to present 10 hosted cloud statistics that every business owner and executive should know:Cloud is now the number one telephone choice...

As the holidays quickly approach, our thoughts turn to spending quality time with family and friends, and of course, hunting for ideal gifts.Well, if you’re an executive or business owner, there’s one special gift that you can give to your company that, financially speaking, will keep on generating ROI year after year: a cloud phone system.Here are 10 key reasons why a cloud phone system is the financial gift that keeps on giving: There is no costly PBX to purchase or trunk lines to rent. The phone system is located 100% off-site, which means you don’t have to pay for...

While some younger readers may not believe this — in fact, they may be horrified by the idea — but there really was a time when there was no public internet. In fact, most people had never even heard of the word “internet.” The only folks who did were academics, who used it to send data back and forth (and play the occasional game of chess).And so, it’s not surprising to note that the internet (and the web) started to make its way into the mainstream, the vast majority of businesses thought it was little more than a passing fad...


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