North Carolina, 7th March 2018. Session border controller is equipment, which has made possible high-level security and also supported to maintain the quality standards of interactive communication services with the use of a number of different IP networks. A sudden increase in the demand for Voice over Internet Protocol also identified as VoIP services have remained to be a significant element that has driven the exponential growth in the demand of the session border controller in the market of VoIP services across the globe. According to the reports of Coherent Market Insights (CMI), during the last year, approximately 259 million users...

Across the country, hundreds of thousands of businesses — from small firms to large enterprises — have upgraded from a costly and limited on-premises PBX phone system (a.k.a. landline system), to an advanced, feature rich and future-proof virtual PBX system (a.k.a. hosted cloud system).If your organization is eager to join the ranks of your counterparts — and your competitors — who are reaping the rewards of a virtual PBX system, then you may be holding off until after a scheduled office move is complete. Here are three reasons why the delay is unnecessary, and even counter-productive:1. Moving the system doesn’t...


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