Barcelona, 26th March 2018. An Irish startup based in Cork, Velona Systems has made waves at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC) by announcing their most advanced security solution for online communication. Velona Systems has claimed it to be as effective against security threats as a vaccine. This security system is based on session initiated protocols or SIP. Its inventors have claimed that they are the first to introduce a product based on SIP and focused on threat for any Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. In case you have been thinking why does it matter so much? Then...

If your organization is thinking of switching to a hosted cloud phone system, then you certainly have a list of questions that our team will be delighted to answer.However, to give you the information you need even faster, we’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we’ve received over the years. Ideally, the following will answer some of your questions, and our team will do the rest!Question: What is the number one reason that organizations switch to a hosted cloud phone system?Answer: Every organization is unique, and has specific need priorities, objectives, risks and opportunities. With this in...


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