New video conferencing apps (and often with perky laundry detergent-like names) seem to be popping up all the time. And while these apps offer some nice features, they are categorically not on the same level as an enterprise-grade business VoIP phone system. Here are the key reasons why in the showdown between a business VoIP phone system and video conferencing apps, it’s VoIP for the win every time: 1. Better Quality Video conferencing apps are notorious for choppy audio and lag. To be fair, this isn’t (usually) due to defects in the apps themselves. Rather, it’s that businesses don’t have the network infrastructure...

(24th May 2018) The researchers have claimed that the VoIP market will shoot up with a forecasted value of $206.9 billion and 350.6 million users by the year 2022.According to a report, the market of VoIP is expected to touch the sky with a value of $140.87 billion by the year 2022, but according to a second market report, the potential for reaching the sky will become greater as the predicted value according to this report is $205.9 billion. This forecasted growth shows that the subscriber-based service is about to grow a long way since 2013. The CEO of ULTATEL...


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