Your business has decided that upgrading from a costly, inflexible and restrictive on-premise phone system to an agile, advanced and affordable hosted cloud phone system is the way to go.However, before you can start reaping the rewards of your wise decision, you need to choose the right partner. To help you make this decision, here are 10 essential questions to ask hosted cloud phone system vendors:1. Do you specialize in installing and supporting hosted cloud phone systems?You want to steer clear of vendors that “dabble” in hosted cloud, while they juggle other business lines.2. Do you offer comprehensive post-sales support?Choose...

While businesses in the big city get star treatment from their support service partners, those who operate a little further afield can sometimes feel neglected. Big support firms will often concentrate on their metropolitan urban customer base and, consequently, pay little attention to those that operate in smaller towns and communities across the state. It’s a big problem.Carolina Digital Phone is different. Instead of having to make do with substandard assistance from the major vendors, we bring a first-class solution to your location, no matter where you happen to be.Big-City Bias In Cloud-Based Telephony SolutionsCompanies that operate in large North...


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