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AT&T begs Supreme Court to destroy the internet

AT&T and several other companies, last week petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn Obama-era internet regulatory rules. Here we go again, again. AT&T’s continuing fight to repeal net-neutrality shares so much in common with the GOP healthcare bill that they may as well start being packaged together. Both of them keep getting shot down, but like any grade-B horror movie-icon from the 1980’s, they keep returning in increasingly more stupid forms as shitty sequels to an already terrible premise. The head of the FCC, Ajit Pai, appears to be struggling to find a way to justify his existence to the people who

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The truth behind cloud phone service

Cloud phone service has been around for about two decades now but many people think of it as merely a technology that is meant to place phone calls over the internet. Due to these misconceptions, cloud service has been always been characterized with low and bad performance due to its low cost. Most users have experienced the frustration associated with using cloud service that results in call loss, disconnects and the low sound quality that actually irritates people more than offering any kind of significant value. This is why people will think of cloud service as a technology that offers

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Yealink Upgraded T4S Series of IP Phones

Yealink, the global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, announced today the release of the company’s T4S series of IP phones, the upgraded IP phone line of the T4 series. Yealink’s new T4S series IP phones are now available for distribution purchase globally. Yealink’s T4S series is the upgraded IP phone line of Yealink’s former T4 series. Designed for today’s busy executives and managers, the T4S series features an elegant appearance, Optima high-definition audio quality and a remarkable phone experience. While maintaining the same price point and market positioning as the T4 series, the new series hosts a range

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These facts about a cloud phone system may surprise you

Posted by Daniel Noworatzky on Mar 29, 2017 3:40:00 PM The most recent FCC Voice Telephone Services report, published in November 2016, states that two thirds of businesses in the United States are still using switched access telephone lines (PSTN or POTS). The reasons they haven’t yet migrated to VoIP (voice over internet protocol) are varied. One of the most prevalent myths about VoIP is that the quality is not as good or reliable as that of traditional telephone lines. The truth, however, is that VoIP technology has evolved to a point where the audio quality is generally as good

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Yealink to Debut New T5 Series of Media Phones at Channel Partners 2017 Las Vegas

/Press Release/ Xiamen, China – March 20, 2017 – Yealink, the global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, announced today that the company’s full T5 media phone series will make their global debut at Yealink’s Booth 537 during the 2017 Channel Partners Conference and Expo, the communications industry’s only event exclusively for indirect sales organizations, agents, VARs, systems integrators, interconnects and consultants. “Channel Partner is a perfect opportunity for new products,” said Stone Lu, Yealink’s vice president. “The Yealink T5 Series provides an even more pleasant user experience for the agile workforce of today and tomorrow,” Mr. Lu added.

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Hickory, NC – Business VoIP Service Provider

Hosted VoIP, Low Rates and Best Service on Telephone Services for North Carolina Businesses   Hickory, North Carolina is home to one of the oldest furniture manufacturers in the United States that is still located and operated on the original site. Hickory White, formerly known as Hickory Manufacturing Company, was built in 1902 and has been in continuous operation ever since. During World War II, the factory made ammunition boxes for the U.S. military instead of furniture.The Hickory area historically competed in new industries and technologies by applying old strengths and favorable geography to new opportunities. In this way, wagon-making know-how,

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High Point, NC – Best Telephone Service for Local Businesses

HOSTED VOIP, LOW RATES AND BEST SERVICE ON TELEPHONE SERVICES FOR NORTH CAROLINA BUSINESSES High Point, North Carolina – The city is sometimes referred to as the “Furniture Capital of the World”, a title long challenged by Grand Rapids, Michigan; its official slogan is “North Carolina’s International City” due to the semi-annual High Point Market that attracts around 100,000 attendees from over 100 countries. Before earning the title Furniture Capital of the World, North Carolina’s presence in the furniture industry began in the 1890s with six furniture plants. Since then, the industry has expanded, and today many of the world’s

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Everything You Need to Know about Hosted PBX Service

As a small business owner, you will be happy to know that you can get all the big business telephone features without the extra costs or worries – all you need to do is to use a Cloud-Based Hosted PBX from Carolina Digital Phone. A good network will connect all of your staffs to each other and to your customers, regardless of their location. Headquarters, remote offices, home offices and employees who are always on the go can be reached via a single telephone number. With the good quality Cloud-based Hosted PBX solution from Carolina Digital Phone, all you will need

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Conference Call in Real Life

We’ve all been on conference calls. Let’s face it, when joining a conference call, we are often distracted by other things. From entering PINs and having the right software to experiencing audio and video issues, there are issues we have all struggled through. Take a few minutes to watch and enjoy this humorous look at what one of these video conference calls would look like in real life.  

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Cloud Based PBX Vs On Premise PBX

There are pros and cons of both hosted PBX as well as on-premise PBX. There are some fundamental differences to each of the systems and they feature advantages that should be known prior to making a decision on one or the other. The move to an IP-PBX business phone system is beneficial regardless of which system is ultimately chosen. However, there are differences and knowing those leads to a better VoIP phone system and a higher level of satisfaction for the company, employees and even callers. Open source on-premise systems, such as Asterisk, are responsible for driving down costs for

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How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP phone service (Voice over IP; also known as digital phone service, digital telephony, or broadband phone) replaces your phone line with a high-speed Internet connection. It’s that simple. While traditional telephone service compresses your voice into a frequency on a wire, VoIP compresses the sound of your voice into packets of data. In milliseconds, these data packets are sent over the Internet. When the data reaches the final destination, it is converted back to sound. If use VoIP to call someone on the traditional phone network (the “PSTN” or Public Switched Telephone Network), the VoIP call is converted to

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Choose a Local Company for your Hosted VoIP Telephone Services

Are you looking for a local VoIP provider for your business telephone services? When this is the case, you may want to make use of a local business which provides Hosted PBX solutions for your business. There are many benefits to doing so. Here are just a few that you should consider: When you choose to go with local Hosted PBX Telephone Services, you have the option of keeping your existing phone number. There will be no interruption in service and you don’t have to worry about customers remembering the new number. This is of vital importance if you offer

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Save Money with a Hosted IP-PBX

Hosted VoIP is one of the best ways for businesses to have a reliable, quality call system for half the cost of traditional phone lines. Business owners are recognizing the convenience and benefits of having this type of service. When your company is already paying for Internet access, it is easier to integrate a VoIP system with the existing bandwidth. Here are some of the benefits that can be expected with Hosted VoIP service. Features of Hosted VoIP Unlimited Calling to US: With Hosted VoIP, unlimited calling is available to the United States for one low rate. This saves a

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Nicky Smith

Carolina Digital Phone acquires Cryptocomm client base

Carolina Digital Phone purchased the web hosting customer base of The Cryptocomm Group, Inc. in Greensboro, NC. If you need assistance in maintaining your website, call (336) 346-6000. We are committed to providing excellent server colocation, managed servers, website hosting, website development services, and domain name registration services at competitive prices. The founders of this company are local to the Piedmont Triad and have been in computer and internet-related businesses for more than 30 years. Carolina Digital Phone offers shared hosting as an economical, flexible Web solution for small to medium-sized businesses looking to establish an online presence with our

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